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It's ineresting (and actually nice because diversity and childfree couples) that Liara and Shepard never had the chance to have Liara's "little blue babies" (except when they adopted some) because a human's lifespan would not be enough for Liara to even become an adult and her neuronal connecions could form, making her fertile before Shepard's death. So this is an utopian image which I hope you like. :)

All rights reserved to Bioware and Electronic Arts. This non-commercial fanwork, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by the authors, the video game company or its sponsors.

Sleeping Beauty (Red) by DorianPavus Golden Goddess by DorianPavus
Per Aspera... by DorianPavus Silver Swan by DorianPavus 
Snow White and Rose Red (Yin) by DorianPavus <da:thumb id="384901173"/>  
Critique by ruslan7 ruslan7/critique/1425980649">Oct 18, 2016, 8:05:31 AM
I wanted to write that I love this pair of LIARA and Jane Shepard!IN my opinion they look together more harmoniously.They seemed destined for each other!When I played Mass Effect, I expect that they will be together after we defeat the Evil Reapers! But as we know,in fact, the opposite was true.Everyone wanted to see the blue kids<but it did not happen!Sorry,very sorry!But thanks to the enthusiastic artists we get at least a fraction of the particles of the dreams which has not received from the game Mass Effect!I want to say thanks to people for what they do excellent work and give to enjoy it.And now looking at this picture made me want to play Mass Effect , to kick Reaper ass and save the Princess Liara and the whole universe!The picture is really great,I just have no words!
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July 1, 2013
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